Do you offer other forms of printing? No. We are a letterpress only print studio.

Can I see a proof? No. Unfortunately, due to the labor intense process of letterpress printing, we don't offer letterpress proofs. We will email you a color PDF for review before moving forward on your order. We want to make sure you are happy with the design before we go to print. If you would like to see samples of our work to better get an idea, feel free to sent up a studio visit.

Do you offer foil stamping?  No. The process of foil stamping requires a special press that we do not have. However, we offer metallic inks in our shop, which do have some sheen but are quite matte in comparison to foil. If you are looking for a metallic print that's opaque and has a high sheen then you are probably seeking foil stamping. 

How do you match my color? We print using Solid Uncoated Pantone inks, which can appear very different on your computer screen. Please be sure to view a physical Pantone Uncoated swatch book when selecting your colors. If you are unable to access one, you are welcome to meet with us or mail us a physical sample of the color (fabric,paper,etc) to match to.

Can you print white ink on dark paper?  Yes, but it might not be what your'e looking for. Letterpress inks are transparent and therefore the color of the paper will show through the ink. This ink transparency is more evident the darker the paper color. White ink doesn't appear bright white on black paper but instead has more of a blueish, grey look. Reverse printing could be an option for you, if bright white is what you're looking for. This is where we print the large field of color around your image on white paper and your image is left the color of the paper.

What is a blind impression? A blind impression is when we press your image into the paper without using ink. This is a subtle way to add texture without color. 

Does blind impression cost the same? Yes. Even though blind impression does not use ink it still has to be printed separately and is priced as a color run.

Can you print full bleeds?  Yes. Although,with letterpress printing, the paper tends to show through large solids, creating a slightly textured look that’s almost suede-like. Also, large solid areas can cause slight buckling of the paper. 

Can you cut a custom shape?  Yes. To make a custom shape, we need to die cut. When die-cutting, a blade is used to cut out the whole shape at once -- much like a cookie cutter.